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A Historical Pageant

As part of Clocca Concept's United States History series, the U.S. Presidents is by far, the most popular card set purchased. Designed in a "Who Am I" format, students can match the Presidents to their biographical sketch cards OR align the Presidents by term date on the Time Line Scroll. A Curriculum Guide accompanies each of our products and includes ideas for supplemental activities in each historical area. Here are many activities to supplement your historical learning area:

Have students chose a U.S. President for the Historical Pageant. They can research their President and either give an oral report OR perform a famous speech. Have the students dress according to times. This can be fun for students, teachers, and parents alike....

Presidential Interviews Activity

Students pretend they have discovered a time machine, and can travel back to any period in American History. They chose their favorite president, and conduct an interview. This can be accomplished one of two ways.

· Students can research a designated president. Topics should include: place of birth, family life, growing up, education, jobs held, marriage and children, when they became president, their vice president, major accomplishments as president, American events during presidency, what they did after their term, who followed them in the White House, where and when they died. Of course, students should not be limited to these topics, but this will be a great start. Students then interview each other. Draw a portrait of their president. Write a short poem about their president. Then the class can compile their projects into a class book.


· Students use the same topics as outlined above, but conduct research in the library and online. They use the same format for the presentation, only this time, compile their projects into a classroom newspaper.

Please feel free to post your own ideas. Your imagination is the limit!

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