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Supplemental Products in the Elementary Classroom

In the elementary Montessori classroom, parents and teachers struggle with issues of transitioning the child into the traditional classroom-whether public or private. Some Montessori teachers use "supplemental products" for the elementary classroom. Yet, some of these "supplemental" products can be very traditional by nature. It is abundantly clear to most teachers that "supplemental products" are needed. However, it is a point of contention as to how to fit the traditional into the Montessori environment. Montessori styled products do exist (some are inspired by the Montessori teachers and/or schools themselves) and are used by many Montessori teachers and classrooms around the United States. These products "fill in the gaps" and allow for a more hands-on, inquiry based approach to the content that is being taught and tested for in public schools today. And we all understand, parent's want their children to transition into mainstream education with no problems and/or issues.

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