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Time Lines in the Montessori Classroom

There are many beautiful and detailed timelines available to Montessori teachers and schools for the Montessori classroom. As a display, timelines are often underused by the Montessori child. Too many details and not enough focus can leave the student feeling intimidated and uninterested. So Clocca Concepts has created a blank timeline -12 1/2 feet long, duck cloth fabric, with wooden birch scrolls, 52 tick marks- that is reusable and can be scaled to accommodate the study of human history and/or personal history as well as transform into a number line. The use of the TimeLine Scroll is only limited by your imagination. We have designed a US History card set series to be used with the TimeLine Scroll- US Presidents, US Events, US Constitution, & US States that can be scaled out on the timeline. They were designed in a matching format. We have also designed an Integer I card set to give lessons and/or provide supplementary activities for learning positive and negative numbers. There are just endless possibilities! We have also designed 2 card set for World History- Artists & Inventions. They are designed in a “Who Am” format that can be used with or without the TimeLine Scroll.

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