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Creating Beadlines...

These beautiful timelines incorporate the pneumonic device of beads as representation of major life events with an oral story. Thus began my journey with the Cosmic Story & the North America Story. I realized quite early that the key to my new product would be the Command Cards which would give instruction for the construction of the timeline with the beads. Here are a few things to consider when making a beadline:

1. Scale

What is the time period you will be representing? What can you use as your base unit for the scale? Will it be necessary to change the scale?

2. Length

How long do you want the beadline to be? Will you need to adjust your scale to shorten or lengthen

your beadline?

3. Locating Beads to Represent Event

There are many online bead outlets such as Shipwreck beads & goody beads. There are also other online super stores that have beads such as Amazon, Etsy.

Beads are not cheap. Buying in bulk will help cut down on your cost.

Fishing Line works great! Some beads are harder the thread than others - the fishing line is easier to maneuver.

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